Teaching 2003—2014

Type and Typography

I’ve been teaching type and typography since 2003 on a regular basis. From 2003 till 2008 I was first guest lecturer and then adjunct professor at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts in Norway. Since 2007 I’ve been teaching at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle where I was appointed professor of type and typography in 2008.
Under the following links you’ll find my teaching approach including typographic assignments and many student works (currently only in German; the English version will follow soon). Any Feedback, comments and discussions about how type and typography can be taught effectively are highly welcomed.

Type and typography course
Type and typography projects
Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle

Photo: Udo W. Beier, end of the year show 2011

Masterthesis Wolfgang Schwaerzler

Carsten Saeger, Inse Schmiegel

Kaur Hensel

Christin Deringer

Markus Lange, Anja Kaiser

Falko Gerlinghoff, Katharina Tauer, both posters were selected for 100 beste plakate

Karl Raupach, Amelie Goldfuss, Antonia Vieth

Miriam Bunte, Wilm Beckhoff

Markus Lange, Alexander Sowronski

Anna Weber and Franziska Porsch

Malte Busch, Ronny Schrödter, Christoph Viehweg

Han Le, Dorothea Uebach

Masterthesis Wolfgang Schwaerzler

Falko Gerlimghoff and Markus Lange, poster selected for 100 beste plakate

Robert Haselbacher

Hannes Oehme

Irvandy Syafruddin

Paul Glaw and Wilm Beckhoff