project: Abecedarium: 24 alphabetic and typographic artworks
typefaces: Burg Grotesk, Tiflis Fette, PTL Skopex Gothic, PTL Roletta, Viceroy, Switch, Volvox, Repeat Patterns, Type Jockey. Mimesis
media: analogous and digital techniques
format: 50 × 60 cm
many thanks to: Natascha Koebel for feedback and advice and Anja Kaiser, Pawel Wolowitsch and Herrmann for helping putting up the exhibition
infos: 100.burg-halle.de
For the exhibition “BURG Professors of Art and Design …” I’ve created “Abecedarium”, a large-seized artwork consisting of 24 typographic and alphabetic posters.
Abecedarium works as a type specimen, presenting from A to Z a series of alphabetic and typographic works of mine:
From initial cap, alphabets and typefaces over experimental typography to structures and patterns.
The quotes used in the typographic works come from Sister Corita’s manifesto “10 Rules for Students and Teachers”, referring to my work as as teacher of type and typography.
I actually had a lot of fun, exploring various analogue and digital techniques in order to remix old and new typographic works of mine.
The exhibition will open on April 15 and will continue till June 7.
All infos about the exhibition here.