project: Interactive Volvox flash application
concept and design: Andrea Tinnes, Martin Perlbach
programming: Martin Perlbach
volvox font: Andrea Tinnes
url: www.typecuts.com/volvox
Volvox is a system of 5 fonts (volvox 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) that create a variety of ornamental composites by superimposing.
Each Volvox font contains a set of 26 illustrations that are all characterized by radial symmetry.
Since all the shapes are concentrically composed – which means they all share the same width as well as the same center – they all align perfectly centered.
Volvox is the latin term for any of various freshwater green algae that form spherical multicellular colonies.
Concerning volvox as a system of fonts this means that even though each Volvox character is able to function by itself, it is ultimately designed to be an integral part of a more complex structure (that is created by superimposing various shapes).
Volvox is inspired by the natural aesthetics of scientific drawings especially by the beautiful illustrations of Ernst Haeckel in Art forms in nature as well as D’Arcy Thompson in On growth and form. It is furthermore a contemporary interpretation of the visual language of art nouveaux as well as the aesthetics of psychedelic op art.

The design of all volvox characters is based on a certain hierarchy:
Volvox 1 = background_shapes
Volvox 2 = leading_shapes
Volvox 3 = centerpiece_shapes
Volvox 4 = bits&pieces_shapes
Volvox 5 = line_shapes

With the Volvox engine the user is able to create an endless variety of Volvox composites (the hierarchical order above is not obligatory while using the Volvox engine).