project: Artwork for the Typocube, Berlin Square at Expo Shanghai 2010
client: Create Berlin
curator: Alexander Branczyk
From 1st to 5th June Berlin will present itself at the Berlin Square within the German Pavilion balancity with an installation of 25 moving cubes displaying all kinds of design disciplines. Together with Alexander Branczyk, Erik Spiekermann, Alessio Leonardi and Stephan Müller I was invited to contribute one side to the typocube .
The event was organized by Create Berlin.
The theme for all cubes is »balancity«. Curator of the typocube was Alexander Branczyk.

For the typocube I picked the two opposing words sober and ecstatic because they represent for me very characteristic features of Berlin.
The main design element is the i>ampersand sign as a visual metaphor for balance. As such it takes on two opposing forms, signifying both terms sober and ecstatic. The sober ampersand has an angular and monolinear shape and is horizontally as well as vertically placed within the format of the square. The ecstatic ampersand however is extravagant and dynamic, with high contrasts between thick and thin strokes. Additionally it is filled with a vibrant structure in contrast to the plain sober ampersand.
All in all my work approaches the theme balancity in a very abstract way, leaving room for imagination and interpretation.