Tanzjahr 2016

Very happy to be part of the project:
Brousse & Ruddigkeit invited 16 international designers to create posters for the Tanzjahr 2016 (Danceyear Germany 2016).

Press release:
3 forms, 2 colours, 1 poster:
Daniel Arab, Anıl Aykan Barnbrook, Bärbel Bold, Vito Bica, Alexander Branczyk, Lea Brousse, Lev Chestakov, Alexander Egger, Lars Harmsen, Timothy Helmer, Fons Hickmann, Mario Lombardo, Ariane Spanier, Andrea Tinnes, Niklaus Troxler & Li Xu created posters based on the design concept, which Brousse & Ruddigkeit build for the German Danceyear 2o16.

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Tanzjahr 2016 Facebook
Tanzjahr 2016 Facebook Event/Exhibition

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