End of the year Show 2015

Here are this year’s images of the Type and Typography exhibition during the end of the year show at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle. A selection of student works was shown in two separate exhibits.
Many thanks to my great assistant Anja Kaiser and this year’s guest teachers Jenny Baese, Christoph Knoth and Konrad Renner.

Also thanks to the students of the type design class who did a wonderful job this semester, Doreen Baldauf, Varvara Dombrovskaya, Pascal Konradi, Franz-Paul Senftleben, Lena Windisch, and Ulrike Schirmer as well as to the team helping to set up the exhibition of the type and typography fundamentals, Marlen Kaufmann, Marie Schuster, Marius Mühleisen, Robin Kowalewsky, Insa Deist and Ruben Strahl.

And last but not least a big compliment to the team who designed this year’s visual identity for the end of the year exhibition: Pawel Wolowitsch and Tom Zander.

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