BURG’s new visual identity

I’m very happy to finally announce the release of the new visual identity of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle.

As prorector of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design (from 2010 till 2014) I was especially responsible for the development of the school’s new visual identity.
I had the pleasure to work with a wonderful design team: Wolfgang Hückel, Anja Kaiser and Wolfgang Schwärzler.
Together we developped the concept of the identity under the guiding principle of “Identity and Difference” and designed all kinds of print materials over the course of several years.
The basic elements of the dynamic visual identity are: The Burg logo, the Burg lettering, the university name as a brand, clearly defined corporate typefaces such as Minion and Burg Giebichenstein’s own typeface, Burg Grotesk, the Burg Symbol Font, the colour scheme and the photographic imagery. All these constant and flexible elements can be combined in different constellations and scales.

The visual identity was presented to the different members and groups of the school in many conversations and presentations; Ideas were taken up, evaluated and then included in the concept at the refinement stage. While the visual identiy is laid out to be dynamic, the design process itself also became dynamic which was expressed in a lively dialogue between design and user. By now, we have generated numerous applications and communication tools – from posters over stationary to certificate folders.
Some of them you can see now in the images below.

More Infos here (Burg Giebichenstein’s Press release in German).
Download the manual with the design and identity guidelines here (German Only).

Photos and Set Design by Sanna Schiffler and Judith Will, supported by Matthias Ritzmann

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