For the exhibition “BURG Professors of Art and Design …” I’ve created “Abecedarium”, a large-seized artwork consisting of 24 typographic and alphabetic posters.
Abecedarium works as a type specimen, presenting from A to Z a series of alphabetic and typographic works of mine:
From initial caps, alphabets and typefaces over experimental typography to structures and patterns. The quotes used in the typographic works come from Sister Corita’s manifesto “10 Rules for Students and Teachers”, referring to my work as as teacher of type and typography.
I actually had a lot of fun, exploring various analogue and digital techniques in order to remix old and new typographic works of mine.
The exhibition will open on April 15 and will continue till June 7.
You can see all 24 Abecedarium artworks here.

About the exhibition:
BURG Professors of Art and Design ... observe, move, educate, go against the grain …:
Professors play a decisive role in shaping an art school, as it is they who structure both research and teaching. They are teachers, artists, role models, designers, friends, researchers, critics, observers. Nonetheless, they are only visible individually in their own works.
For the first time, all professors teaching at the BURG will be brought together in an overall exhibition that will showcase recent works and relevant teaching projects from the areas of Art and Design. Discourse platforms with a comprehensive framework programme will form part of the exhibition.

Dr. Nike Bätzner, Georg Barber, Anna Berkenbusch, Aart van Bezooijen, Dr. Sara Burkhardt, Guido Englich, Bettina Erzgräber, Stella Geppert, Bettina Göttke-Krogmann, Dr. Matthias Götz, Sabine Golde, Kathrin Grahl, Thomas Greis, Bernd Hanisch, Dieter Hofmann, Hubert Kittel, Ulrich Klieber, Dr. Dieter Rudolf Knoell, Peter Kolbe, Annette Krisper-Beslic, Daniel Kruger, Frithjof Meinel, Klaus Michel, Una Moehrke, Axel Müller-Schöll, Martin Neubert, Dr. Matthias Noell, Ute Pleuger, Bruno Raetsch, Ulrich Reimkasten, Thomas Rug, Rainer Schade, Rudolf Schäfer, Joachim Schielicke, Karin Schmidt-Ruhland, Dr. Rainer Schönhammer, Anette Scholz, Michaela Schweiger, Johann Stief, Andrea Tinnes, Christine Triebsch, Sven Völker, Vincenz Warnke, Rolf Wicker und Andrea Zaumseil.

Location: Volkspark, Schleifweg 8a, Halle (Saale)
Presented by: Dr. Jule Reuter
Opening: April 15, 6 pm

More infos here (German only):

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