End of the year Show 2014

Here are some images of this year’s end of the year show of my type and typography course as well as type design class. Many thanks to this year’s guest teachers: Jenny Baese, Roman Wilhelm, Wolfgang Hückel and Wolfgang Schwärzler as well as to Christoph Knoth for his guest critique.
You can see more images of one my typography workshops here.

My special thanks to Katharina Köhler, who planned and organzied the exhibition of the type and typography fundamentals (and thanks to the team helping to set up the exhibition: Marcus Wachter, Miriam Humm, Ida Flik, Florian Endes, Jan Gruner, Natthapong Samakkaew and Vreni Knödler)

My special thanks also to the students of the type design class who did a wonderful job this semester: Doreen Baldauf, Karolin Chemnitz, Leonie Ketteler, Sébastien Millot, Justyna Sikora, Katharina Scholz and Pawel Wolowitsch.
Please have a look also at Manuel von Gebhardi’s final BA thesis project about “Variables of Type” at his website.

And last but not least a big compliment to the team who designed this year’s visual identity for the end of the year exhibition: Sarah Fricke, Lisa Petersen and Lea Sievertsen.

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