Idea No. 360

The latest issue of Idea Magazine No. 360 features a series of articles about the graphic design programm at CalArts, curated by Ian Lynam. I’m very honoured that there’s an article about me included.

The feature called “Suburban Lawns—A Look at CalArts Past and Present” is composed of a large number of student and alumni-written articles. Interspersed through the text are selected pieces from the Graphic Design Program’s the large body of work including catalogs, books, posters, installations and exhibit designs.
The Japan-based design magazine’s editor-in-chief, Kiyonori Muroga, along with CalArts alumnus Ian Lynam, held workshops on campus with students in the Graphic Design Program last Spring, and produced a 96-page documentation of CalArts—and the work of its students, faculty and staff.

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