Deep Surface: Contemporary Ornament and Pattern

I’m so honoured to have two of my works shown at “Deep Surface: Contemporary Ornament and Pattern”, a major exhibition on contemporary ornament, curated by Denise Gonzales Crisp and Susan Yelavich at the Cam Raleigh / Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh in North Carolina / USA:
a series of three posters with TJ alias Typejockey, an experimental alphabetical system based on structures
and an interactive projection with Volvox, a system of ornamental fonts

Press Release (excerpt):

Cam Raleigh presents: Deep Surface: Contemporary Ornament and Pattern
a major Exhibition on contemporary designers working in Architecture, Product, Graphic, Fashion, and Digital Media Design.
On view September 24, 2011 through January 2, 2012

CAM Raleigh’s newest feature exhibition, Deep Surface:Contemporary Ornament and Pattern opens September 24, 2011. It is the first major exhibition to examine the re-emergence of ornament and pattern over the last 15 years.

Deep Surface celebrates its reinvigoration as a communicative, functional, and desirable form of cultural expression, across all of the disciplines of design. CAM Raleigh is a partnership between the community and North Carolina State University’s (NC State) College of Design.
The exhibition comprises of six thematic sections and features 72 remarkably inventive works from 42 international designers and artists, including such seminal works as Marcel Wanders’s Knotted Chair, wallpaper by Paul Noble and Vik Muniz for Maharam Digital Projects, and fashions created from reconstructed second-hand clothes by Junky Styling.
The breadth of the work—drawn from the fields of graphic design, industrial design, fashion, furnishings, architecture, and digital media—speaks to the pervasiveness and relevance of pattern and ornament today. Its hybrid languages are the aesthetic equivalent of the fast-paced and complex exchanges of our contemporary world.
Deep Surface features several objects that have not been shown in the United States such as Minale-Maeda’s Table Manners— and many objects that have not been exhibited outside of their originating venue, including Hella Jongerius’s Sampler Blankets commissioned by the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum.


Deep Surface is co-curated by Denise Gonzales Crisp, Associate Professor at the North Carolina State University College of Design in Raleigh NC, and Susan Yelavich, Assistant Professor in the School of Art and Design History and Theory at Parsons The New School for Design in New York, NY. Together, they see ornament, not as a trend, but as an exciting new chapter in a rich history of visual communication. »This exhibition reveals the ongoing value of ornament and pattern through the work of contemporary designers and artists who are evolving deep and rich traditions,« said Denise Gonzales Crisp, cocurator of the exhibition. »We have gathered works that are ingenious, surprising, sophisticated, and innovative in their form, their story, and their use of technology. Seen here together, these pieces assert, in a variety of ways, ornament and pattern’s relevance to human expression and to the quality of every day life«

Deep Surface Featured Designers and Artists:

Textiles, Surfaces, Furniture:
Atelier Manferdini, United States
Boym, United States
Campana Brothers, Brazil
Committee, Great Britain
Nipa Doshi, Jonathan Levien, Great Britain
Richard Hutten, Netherlands
Iznik Foundation, Turkey
Hella Jongerius, Netherlands
Minale Maeda, Netherlands
Maharam Digital Projects, United States
Marcel Wanders, France

Graphic Design, Type Design:
Marian Bantjes, United States
Peter Bilak, Czech Republic
Andrew Blauvelt, Chad Kloepfer, United States
Cuban Council (K10K), United States
Homa Delvaray, Iran
Behrouz Hariri, Canada/Iran
Joseph Holzman, United States
Kapitza, Great Britain
Jeffery Keedy, United States
Gail Swanlund, Geoff Kaplan, United States
Andrea Tinnes, Germany
Rudy Vanderlans, Zuzana Licko, United States
Hansje van Halem, Netherlands

Alabama Chanin, United States
Junky Styling, Great Britain

Product Design:
Tord Boontje, Netherlands
Bouroullec Brothers, France
Ela Cindoruk, Turkey
Demakersvan, Netherlands
Joris Laarman Lab, Netherlands
Lego, Denmark
Niels van Eijk, Miriam van der Lubbe, Netherlands
Maxim Vel?ovský, Czech Republic
Put-in-Cups, United States
Studio Dror, United States

Atelier Manferdini, United States
FAT, Great Britain

Mixed Media:
Ebon Heath, United States
Loop pH, Great Britain
OSU Media Lab, United States

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