End of the year show “Expedition Burg”

From July 16 till July 17 Burg Giebichenstein will open once again its doors to the public. Everybody who will happen to be in the area is invited to visit our end of the year show., especially the type and typography show.

You can see some fotos of last year’s type and typography exhibition here and here.

All printed and collateral materials for the end of the year show (such as the poster above) have been designed by graphic design students Nele-Tabea Reinecke, Franziska Kolb and Ronny Schröter under the art direction of Jenny Baese and Andrea Tinnes.

Burg Giebichenstein
Kunsthochschule Halle
University of Art and Design Halle

Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17, from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. each day

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