My favourite game

I was recently invited to take part in the exhibition My favourite game, a parallel event of the 2007 10 Images for Ithaca competition in Greece.
My contribution to the show was »ping pong«. I actually don’t play table tennis very well, nor do I have a profound knowledge of the current ping pong culture.
The reason why I picked this game was just simply that I fell in love with my studio neighbour (and ever since my boyfriend) in the summer of 2001 while playing ping pong in our coffeebreaks – I couldn't think of any better reason for a favourite game.

Also invited were Xavier Antin, Sara De Bondt, Company, Eric Ellis, Oded Ezer, Jare, Richard Niessen,

Text from the exhibition "My favourite game"

The exhibition My Favourite Game is a parallel event of the 2007 Ten Images for Ithaca competition. It consists of posters created by designers from different parts of the world, known mostly for their contemporary progressive style and common work method. These are all designers that more or less work in the outskirts of what we call ìexperimental designî. Free and bold, ready to confound designing facts and conventions, thus creating a team that produces cutting edge design, Xavier Antin, Sara De Bondt, Company, Eric Ellis, Oded Ezer, Jare, Richard Niessen and Andrea Tinnes, all give their personal answer to the theme My Favourite Game.

The technique in which the posters are exhibited is also some kind of a game: each designer had four square areas to design and apply them in any way he/she chose, creating united compositions of different shapes and styles. Subsequently, classic table games, experimental typefaces, mind games, constructions and comments on contemporary urban culture are exhibited together producing a multidimensional multi ethnic composition, offering eight different versions of what a game could be.

14-29 July 2007, Ithaca Public Art Gallery.

19-21 September 2007, Fournos, Mavromihali 168, Athens.

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