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Some of my work is featured in Antje Dohmannís 2 articles High Potentials and Corporate Types, including the new Viceroy Corporate Type.

The article High Potentials looks at upcoming designers in the area of visual communication while Corporate Types examines the current tendencies in Custom Type Design. This article features the new Viceroy Corporate Type, a collaborational project between Verena Gerlach and me, programmed by Andreas Eigendorf.
The Viceroy custom typeface was commissioned by ReVerb / Los Angeles for Viceroy Hotel to replace Optima as the new house font.
Viceroy is a contemporary elegant Sans Serif face with a high contrast between thick and thin strokes. The typeface is a unique synthesis of a geometric and humanist sans serif face, complementing the existing Viceroy logotype. The letterforms are balanced and the typeface has an even rhythm resulting in a contemporary visual language. Viceroy comes as OpenType Features, including many typographic extras as alternates, ligatures, ordinals, unicase and swashes.

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