CalArts Mag #16

The latest issue of CalArts Magazine #16 has a feature about their Graphic Design alums. Included is also a nice article about me, alongside some great designers like Zak Keyes, Jon Sueda, Geoff McFetridge, Ian Lynam and Brian Roettinger.

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Burg Yearbook 2013

We’ve published our second yearbook, presenting the school’s highlights of 2013. Conceived by the school’s president Axel Müller-Schöll, the book was designed by Wolfgang Schwärzler and Wolfgang Hückel teaming up with me as art director.

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Burg Mono

I’m very happy to announce Burg Mono, a new monospaced version of Burg Grotesk, consisting of two fonts so far, regular and italic.

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Burg Grotesk in Typodarium 2014

Burg Grotesk, the new forthcoming typeface for Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, will be seen on Januray 19, 2014 at Typodarium.

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PTL Roletta in Neue Schriften. New Typefaces.

PTL Roletta and an interview with me are included in the new publication “Neue Schriften. New Typefaces.” by Petra Eisele, Isabel Naegele and Annette Ludwig, published by Niggli.

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Idea No. 360

The latest issue of Idea Magazine No. 360 features a series of articles about the graphic design programm at CalArts, curated by Ian Lynam. I’m very honoured that there’s an article about me included.

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25. Tag der Typografie

Meet me on November 16 in Bern at the 25. Tag der Typografie for another talk about the new identity of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design.

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PTL Roletta in Yearbook of Type

PTL Roletta is one of the many typefaces selected for the new comprehensive compendium “Yearbook fo Type #1”, published by Slanted and Niggli.

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End of the year show 2013

Here are some images of this year’s end of the year show of my type and typography course. Many thanks to this year’s guest teachers: Jenny Baese, Tobias Kohlhaas, Wolfgang Hückel and Wolfgang Schwärzler.

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Typecuts’ typefaces in use at CalArts

I’ve recently received a big package with publications from CalArts, using many of my typefaces. Many thanks to Roman Jaster and Joseph Prichard for the extensive use of my fonts.

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Call for Type

I’m invited to participate in the exhibition “Call for Type”, initiated by Isabel Naegele, Petra Eisele and Annette Ludwig. On the occasion I will give a lecture on June 7 at the Gutenberg Museum, talking about the development of PTL Roletta and Burg Grotesk.

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Posters for Ed Fella

Together with current CalArts students, professors and alumni I have contributed a poster for Ed Fella’s final lecture at CalArts.

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Interview in typoversity2

typoversity2 by Andrea Schmidt and Patrick Marc Sommer features an interview with me about teaching type and typography.

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Slanted #21

I have a feature of Cuban street photography together with Ian Lynam in the new Slanted #21.

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Typoday Stuttgart

Meet me again for another lecture on the new visual identiyt of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design on February 8 in Stuttgart.

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Jury die Schönsten Bücher Österreich 2012

I had the pleasure to be in the jury for the contest the most beautiful books 2012 in Austria.

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Burg yearbook

The new year starts with the publication of the Burg yearbook, presenting the school’s highlights of 2012. Initiated by director Axel Müller-Schöll, the book was designed by Wolfgang Schwärzler and Wolfgang Hückel, my role being just the art director.

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Burg bags

Here are the new bags from our art school, designed within the new visual identity.

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Burg calendar 2013

Have a look at the new Burg Calendar 2013. After the concept was developped together with Anja Kaiser I was responsible for the design and the production.

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Burg cards

Set of post cards, announcing the new visual identity of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, designed by Anja Kaiser and me.

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Design Fundamentals book

Anja Kaiser and me have designed the new book about the education in Design Fundamentals at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle.

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Identity and Difference

Together with Anja Kaiser I’m currently working on the new identity of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design. I will be talking about the new identity at Typoday Frankfurt, on June 22 and at Burg’s Jour Fixe lecture series, on July 3rd.

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Lecturing at Otis and CalArts

I recently gave two talks at the Otis College of Art and Design and the California Institute of the Arts,
talking about the methods and processes behind my work.

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Workshop “typographical protest”

Here are the results from a workshop called “Typographical Protest” at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle.

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Interview in Desktop Magazine

Anthony Cahalan has done an interview with me about PTL Roletta for Desktop Magazine from Australia.

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Deep Surface: Contemporary Ornament and Pattern

I’m so honoured to have two of my works shown at “Deep Surface: Contemporary Ornament and Pattern”, a major exhibition on contemporary ornament, curated by Denise Gonzales Crisp and Susan Yelavich at the Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh in North Carolina.

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Slanted #15 and Typodarium 2012

I’ve just received Magma Brand Design’s new publications Slanted 15 and Typodarium 2012 featuring two of my typefaces.

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End of the year show “Expedition Burg”

From July 16 till July 17 Burg Giebichenstein will open once again its doors to the public. Everybody who will happen to be in the area is invited to visit our end of the year show.

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PTL Roletta illustrated by Hort for the show »Capital«

PTL Roletta was illustrated very nicely by Eike König’s Hort for the exhibition CAPITAL: Berliner Buchstaben, organized and curated by Mota Italic.

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Fonts 15

Fontshop just invited me to design the cover of “Fonts 15” with PTL Roletta, coming up in June 2011

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Leipziger Typotage

Meet me at the “Leipziger Typotage” on Mai 28 at the Museum für Druckkunst. Together with Jenny Baese I will give a lecture about the education in type and typography.

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Workshop at ISDi Havanna

In November 2010 I taught a workshop at the Instituto Superior de Diseño in Havanna. The workshop was part of a two weeks field trip with Anna Berkenbusch, Jenny Baese and students from the University of Art and Design Halle.

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Interview and review

I’ve just received several publications featuring my work and typefaces:
Pub magazine, Slanted and Publishing Praxis.

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PTL Roletta out now!

After many years of work, primetype hast just released PTL Roletta, a comprehensive round family consisting of a sans and a slab variant and many ornaments.

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Roletta Sans in TypoLyrics

I contributed one spread to “TypoLyrics: the sound of fonts” by Slanted, using PTL Roletta Sans to interpret Lady Gaga’s song “Telephone”.

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End of the year show 2010

Here are this year’s images of the type & typography exhibition, displaying student works from my courses from the last academic year at Burg Giebichenstein.

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Typocube at Expo 2010 in Shanghai

Together with Alexander Branczyk, Erik Spiekermann, Alessio Leonardi and Stephan Müller I was invited to contribute one side to the “typocube” – one out of 25 performance cubes presented by Create Berlin at the Berlin Square in Shanghai.

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Passion: TypoBerlin 2010

Meet me at TYPO 2010, 20. – 22. May, at Haus der Kulturen der Welt. I will be talking about teaching and my work, focusing on how do inspire passion in students.

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I’m very honoured to have been appointed as art council member (Mitglied des Kunstbeirates) of the German Ministry of Finance.

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Roletta chosen for the German Year in Vietnam

The typeface PTL Roletta Sans was chosen by my friends from Weiss-heiten as the corporate typeface for the German year in Vietnam 2010.

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published in Small Studios

My work and studio space are presented in the volume “Small Studios” by Hesign. Since I’ve moved in the meantime I’m also showing some images of my new studio.

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End of the year show 2009

Here are this year’s images of the type and typography exhibition, displaying student works from my courses from the last academic year at Burg Giebichenstein.

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Der Typogarten—The Typographic Garden

Der Typogarten, an illuminated typographic installation, was an interdisciplinary workshop I taught together with Axel Buether at Burg Giebichenstein. Here are some images from the exhibition:

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typecuts fonts in use

It’s always a pleasure to see my typefaces used so well by other designers: the betaversion of Roletta was used for the new CalArts Bulletin designed by Counterspace and Switch was used by Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié.

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typecuts fonts included in Typodarium

I’ve contributed several spreads with my typefaces to Typodarium 2009: a calendar with 365 Fonts by 50 Foundries and Designers.

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Professor of type & typography

I’ve been appointed professor of type & typography at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle.
I’m very much looking forward to continuing teaching at this great school.

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Schrift in Form

The exhibition Schrift in Form is a showcase of contemporary type design, showing works from 40 type designers from around the world. My contribution is the typeface PTL Skopex.

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End of the year show

Here are some images of the type and typography exhibition, displaying student works from my courses from the last academic year at Burg Giebichenstein.

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End of the year show

From July 18 till July 20 Burg Giebichenstein will open its doors to the public. Everybody who will happen to be in the area is invited to visit our type and typography show.

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Pimp the Type

Here is my contribution to “Pimp the Type”, a project and exhibition organized by the Spanish typographic collective Catalana de Tipos.

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Competition Kieler Woche 09

I’m invited to take part in the competition for the identity of Kieler Woche 09 together with Henning Wagenbreth, Martin Woodtli, Patrick Thomas and Projekttriangle.

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TypograVieh lebt 5: Dingbats Black to Light

Meet me on June 7 in Weimar at the symposium TypograVieh lebt 5 together with Hubert Jocham, Johannes Bergerhausen, Friedrich Forssman, Tina Frank, Katharina Hölzl & Lars Slanted Harmsen.

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typografiska fredag, Royal Library Stockholm

The Stockholm studio A4 invited me to speak at typografiska fredag, series of lectures on type and typography at the Royal Library in Stockholm.

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I’m very happy to announce the publication of Phaidonís Area_2. Thanks to Jan Middendorp I’m one of the 100 designers featured in this big volume.

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Grafik Magazine 159, 2007

PTL Roletta Serif has been selected by Grafik Magazine as one of their favourite typefaces of 2007.

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Idea No 325

I’m delighted to be included in Idea Magazine’s special feature on Various aspects of Contemporary Ornaments and Patterns.

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Contemporary Graphic Design

Taschen has just published its new compendium on contemporary graphic design. I’m very proud to be included in this publication.

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My favourite game

I was recently invited to take part in the exhibition My favourite game, a parallel event of the 2007 10 Images for Ithaca competition in Greece.

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Typographica Favorite Fonts of 2006

Typographica has just published its list of favorite fonts of 2006 and I’m very happy that PTL Skopex is one of them. The review is written by Jan Middendorp.

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Eye magazine, Nr. 64, summer 2007

I’m honoured and delighted to announce Eye Nr. 64, Vol 16, summer 2007, featuring Jan Middendorpís article about my work as well as PTL Roletta.

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Page 08.07

Some of my work is featured in Antje Dohmannís 2 articles High Potentials and Corporate Types, including the new Viceroy typeface (collaboration with Verena Gerlach).

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Switch selected for Modem Berlin

Switch has been selected by Weiss-Heiten and Greige as main typeface for Modem, Space for Contemporary Music and Arts, in Berlin.

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Type Workshop 05 in KHiB yearbook

The Bergen National Academy of the Arts has just published its new yearbook 05/06 presenting the type design workshop I held in 2005 with all the results.

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Type Jockey selected for Megastructure Reloaded

Type Jockey has been selected as main typeface for the exhibition Megastructure Reloaded. Responsible for the design of all collateral material is Tobias Kohlhaas.

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Festival d’affiches de Chaumont

More great news: the poster Made in Germany has been selected to be exhibited at the 18th International Poster and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont in 2007.

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I have contributed several typographic photographs to the exhibition Location:Georgien which has opened today at the Trinitatiskirche in Cologne.

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Visuelt Konkurransen

I was invited by Grafill to judge this year’s Visuelt Konkurransen together with Anders Hofgaard, Kjell Ekhorn, Elise Sæle and Eirik Sev Stokkmo. [poster by Skindesign]

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Great news: the poster Made in Germany has been selected by the judges of this year’s TDC competition to receive a Certificate of Typographic Excellence.

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Grafik Tasarim

The turkish design magazine Grafik Tasarim has just published a feature article along with an interview about my work.

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