By downloading or installing typecuts’ font software you agree to the following terms of the typecuts End User License Agreement:

You may install and use the font software for the purpose of reproducing and displaying typeface designs.

You may not rent, lease, sublicense, give, lend or further distribute the font software or any copy of it.

You are permitted to make a back-up copy.

You agree that the font software is owned by Andrea Tinnes / typecuts.

You agree not to decompile, disassemble, redigitize or convert the font software.

The font software may not be returned or exchanged unless defective. Defective software shall be replaced by the same software when accompanied by a valid receipt and Andrea Tinnes / typecuts is notified within 90 days of purchase.

Andrea Tinnes / typecuts cannot be held responsible for any damage caused or supported by the user or third parties resulting from any misuse of the typefaces or the font software covered by this agreement.

This Agreement shall automatically terminate upon failure by you to comply with its terms.