When buying typecuts’ typefaces you purchase a non-exclusive license to use the font software. Andrea Tinnes / typecuts offers you different types of licenses:

Basic User License
The typecuts Basic User License allows you to install the font software on up to five (5) CPUs (computers) at a single geographic location.

Multiple-User License
If you wish to install the font software on more than 5 computers, you need to purchase a Multiple-User License.
The price of a Multiple-User License depends on the number of CPUs.

Multiple-User License Table
1 license = 1-5 computers = x 1
2 licenses = 6-10 computers = x 1.5
3 licenses = 11-25 computers = x 2.5
4 licenses = 26-50 computers = x 4
5 licenses = 51-100 computers = x 5
6 licenses = 101 - 150 computers = x 6.5

Choose the number of CPUs on which you wish to install the fonts and multiply the basic price (Basic User License price) by the corresponding factor.

Site License
For a license larger than 150 CPUs please contact

The fontsoftware remains intellectual property of typecuts, copyright (c) Andrea Tinnes.
You're not allowed to distribute, sell or alter the font software / typefaces.

Place of Fulfilment
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