Andrea Tinnes

PTL Roletta Ornaments

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PTL Roletta Ornaments is a system of six decorative fonts that create a variety of ornamental composites and patterns by combining and superimposing. They all play with the notion of roundness: either dotted ornaments, circular forms and outlines or roundish floral shapes.
Each font contains a set of 52 ornaments. Upper and lowercase of one letter always correlate: they can be superimposed or combined to create more complex forms. Since all designs are based on a so called »em square«, they create seamless patterns when the pointsize equals the lineheight. This also means that the various fonts can be combined among themselves to create an endless variety of patterns and forms. Some ideas of Repeat, a pattern-to-go font from 2004 which never was finished, have ultimately contributed to the design of PTL Roletta Ornaments.

PTL Roletta Ornaments consists of following fonts:
Floral: all floral ornaments use elements of circles and rounded forms
Dots: all ornaments consist of dots, similar to pixelfonts
Outline: all ornaments consist of linear circular forms, from simple geometric to decorative floral shapes
Outline and Dots: this is basically Roletta Outline with additional dots
Outline Background: this font contains background shapes (fillings) for Roletta Ornaments Outline
Circular: all ornaments are based on a circle