Andrea Tinnes and Verena Gerlach


design info
project: Corporate typeface for Viceroy Hotel
type design: Andrea Tinnes and Verena Gerlach
OpenType programming: Andreas Eigendorf
design studio: ReVerb
creative directors: Snow Kahn and Susan Parr
client: Viceroy

Viceroy is a custom typeface commissioned by ReVerb / Los Angeles for Viceroy Hotel to complement the existing Viceroy logotype and motif (while replacing Optima Nova). The goal was to produce a new typeface family which satisfies the multiple utilitarian applications of the brand and further differentiates Viceroy as a purveyor of distinction and design.
The result is a contemporary elegant sans serif typeface with a high contrast between thick and thin strokes. Viceroy is a unique synthesis of a geometric and humanist sans serif face, introducing more dynamic into the concept of geometric sans serif fonts. The letterforms are balanced and the typeface has an even rhythm resulting in a contemporary visual language. The italc version has a slightly flared stroke combining the clarity and elegance of Viceroy with fluidity and rhythm. A further feature is a rather large x-height, making Viceroy legible also in small point sizes.
Viceroy comes with many typographic features such as lining and old-style figures, ligatures, alternate characters such as unicase and stencil versions and a variety of swash capitals.
The Viceroy typeface consists of three weights (light, regular and bold) with a respective italic for the regular weight.

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