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PTL Skopex Gothic

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PTL Skopex — formerly known as Spektro — is an extensive font family consisting of a gothic and a serif variant. Skopex Gothic is a contemporary Sans with a strong vertical nature and many playful details. Characteristic features are the sloped terminals of the ascenders and descenders on the lowercase characters and the slightly curved terminal strokes of R, K, k and y. PTL Skopex Serif matches the proportions of its gothic sister but has a strong contrast between thick and thin strokes. Characteristic features are the asymmetrical serifs.
PTL Skopex Gothic comprises five weights and PTL Skopex Serif three weights, including true italics. Each weight comes with small caps, non-lining, normal and table figures as well as expert sets, consisting of fractures, arrows, ligatures and mathematical signs. With all its typographic features PTL Skopex is extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of text uses. Since the basic lettershapes of PTL Skopex are slightly condensed it is very economical and efficient in terms of space.
PTL Skopex was originally conceived as a corporate font for the company Dywidag. Since the release of its first version in 2000 PTL Skopex has gone through many phases of refinements and readjustments. In 2004 Skopex was customized for the new identity system of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (the custom family was called Spektro). The name Skopex comes from the ancient Greek verb “skopein” (see, view, sight, look at, examine) as well as the English noun “scope” (range, depth, breadth, reach).